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Pro Golf Services, LLC

Always at Your Service

Why PGS?

We provide superior customer satisfaction, so that your course can be the talk of the town, with tires that shine and seats that are squeaky clean.

Our Services



Quick Detail

  • Thorough wash and dry, with no soap spotting

  • Tire and rim cleaning and dressing

  • Leather treatment and conditioning

  • Dashboard and on-cart storage detailing

  • A shine that WOWS!​


Protective Detail

  • All the amazing services provided in the Quick Detail

  • Adds on a protective coating to the outside of the cart, helping it shine longer


Premium Package

  • Deluxe Detail: Combining our quick and protective detailing services for a complete makeover

  • Restorative Shine: Includes an acrylic correction to bring back that new cart look and feel

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